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Aparataje de incalzire-racire si aeroterme
Schimbatoare de caldura
Aparataje pentru ventilarea si conditionarea aerului
Radiatoare pentru mijloace de transport
Scule, dispozitive si utilaje  pentru constructii
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It is used in air-blow heating and ventilating installation hall industrial boys rooms and in social-cultural buildings.

Constructive versions:

APM 340; APM 430; APM 500;APM 640


TYPE Air flow [m3/h] Thermic power
APM 340 1900  
APM 430 3400
APM 500 6000
APM 640 9800


Thermic agent:

- hot water with a maximum temperature of 1500C and pmax-16 atm
- steam maximum saturation 4 bar

The heating batteries are produced with the same endowment and technology as the heating and cooling batteries with copper pipes and aluminium lamellas.

  If order, the air-blower can be equiped with a box of mixture.The order must indicate the type according the IAICA cataloque or to indicate the following:
- temperature of entrance/emergence thermic agent
- temperature of entrance/emergence air
- air flow



Heating batteries horizontal with copper pipe and aluminium lamellas type BIO
Heating batteries vertical with copper pipe and aluminium lamellas type BIV
Cooling batteries with cooper pipe and aluminium lamellas type BRA
Heating batteries with pipes and steel coil fillet, immersion galvanizing, working with water, type bap, or with steam, type BAB
Air-blower with radial ventilator. Type AVR
Electrical air-blowers Type AE 15 Kw